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Key Features of LubyPay

Leverage hassle-free payments with the power of secure
mobility enabled by efficient eWallets for your daily needs.

Topup credit

Add fund and withdrawal transfer made easier.


Mobile Recharge

Right from your fingertips, select multiple telcos for mobile top-up.

mobile reload

Online Shopping

Local & international shopping experience. Easy pay by LubyPay.


Gift Card

The procedure to make a gift card purchase is extremely convenient and hassle-free.

ticktappay giftcard
join as seller

Join as merchant seller

Allow retails, restaurants and merchants to receive fund from customers.


Android mPOS ,Tap n Pay NFC

Cashless & Contactless, sell any items & collect payment instantly. Digital receipt and much more.


QR Pay

Pay instantly to any members. Enable peer-to-peer scan QR code to send fund instantly.


Virtual card

Instantly create a virtual card for game purchases, online tickets, and subscription payment.

master virtual card

Get virtual Reloadable
mastercard, Free Signup !

Explore some features related to our Cashless Application services in Caribbean and Latam to enhance your daily needs.



online marketplace




Lubypay solution, Easy way to get paid Tap on Phone

Cost effective solution that allows business/retails customers to use smartphone to accept payment

get payment

Instant Recharge Your Mobile by LubyPay
Make your reload easy with us

Send money anywhere in the world within seconds.

  • Free Sign Up
  • No Commitment
  • Anytime, Anywhere with Any Devices
  • Time Saving
  • Get Start today
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Be part of LubyPay. Explore the opportunities to grow together!

You can now make easy and secure purchases online, in-app. A simple way to run your business in Curacao.

We're on a mission to give you the freedom to run your business

LubyPay is free – seriously, it’s 100% free

Card partner

Launch your virtual card in a week !


Card Issuing

We delve into the basics of the new card issuance landscape, who benefits, the players involved, and complexity levels of the card programs enabled, all within the context of the emerging embedded finance revolution.

manage card


Every brand that puts their logo on a card aspires to have it used as much as possible. We explain the basics of building a card benefit strategy to incentivize the use of your card.



Step-by-step guide to launching a card product by LubyPay Card.

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Build your virtual card in 4 steps!

1. Sign up on LubyPay Apps

To sign up for LubyPay Apps after download app from a trusted app store.

2. Get verified your registration(Submit valid IDs)

The verification process involves providing accurate information, such as your email address, phone number, or other details as required.

3. Reload your card

Once logged in, find the section related to reloading or adding funds to your card.

4. Start using your virtual card

Virtual card is reloadable and requires funding, follow the specified process on the platform to add funds as needed.