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Instantly issue & process card payments with our open API platform. Manage your money easily: savings, payroll, travel money in other currencies, investments and much more.

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Here's how a virtual prepaid card works

Funding: Virtual prepaid cards are funded by the cardholder, who loads a specific amount of money onto the card. This can typically be done via bank transfer, credit card, or other accepted funding methods.

Usage: Once funded, the virtual prepaid card can be used for online purchases just like a traditional payment card. Cardholders enter the card details (card number, expiration date, and CVV) during the checkout process on websites or mobile apps to complete transactions.

Security:Virtual prepaid cards offer security features such as encryption and tokenization to protect cardholder information during online transactions. Since they are not tied to a physical card, the risk of theft or loss is minimized.


Virtual Card

Advantages of Virtual card

Security: Since virtual prepaid cards are not linked to a bank account or credit line, they offer enhanced security against identity theft and fraud.

Privacy: Virtual prepaid cards provide a level of anonymity since they do not require personal information or credit checks.

Flexibility: Virtual prepaid cards can be used for various online transactions, including purchases from online retailers, subscription services, digital downloads, and more.

Accessibility: Virtual prepaid cards are accessible to individuals who may not have access to traditional banking services or who prefer not to use their primary credit or debit cards for online transactions.

Control: Users have control over how much money they load onto the virtual prepaid card, allowing them to manage their spending and avoid accumulating debt.

No More Waiting for Plastic Cards Get Instant Virtual Cards

Fully digital with virtual personal cards! Create cards instantly and manage them completely online. Use them for online payments, subscription and even card to card transfer with friends and family.

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Your Free Virtual Card! No More Waiting for Plastic Card

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Prepaid Virtual Card in Dominican Republic

Say goodbye to waiting for plastic cards and hello to your free virtual card! In the Dominican Republic and beyond, virtual prepaid cards offer a convenient and hassle-free way to manage your finances.

Whether you're in Colombia, Mexico, or anywhere in the Caribbean, virtual prepaid cards provide a secure and flexible payment solution. With no physical card to wait for, you can start using your virtual prepaid card instantly, making purchases online and in-store with ease.

In the Dominican Republic, virtual prepaid cards are gaining popularity as a convenient alternative to traditional banking services. With features like instant issuance and customizable spending limits, these cards offer users greater control over their finances and peace of mind.

Similarly, in Colombia and Mexico, virtual prepaid cards are reshaping the way people manage their money. With the ability to load funds instantly and track transactions in real-time, these cards provide a convenient and secure way to make payments and manage expenses.

As a leading virtual card provider in the Caribbean, we understand the importance of offering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. With our free virtual prepaid card, you can say goodbye to waiting for plastic and hello to a smarter way to pay. Sign up today and experience the freedom and flexibility of virtual prepaid cards!


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